Xarxa per la sobirania energètica
Proposta municipalista 2019


From the Xarxa per la sobirania energètica (Xse) we have developed a new Municipalist Proposal and we have translated it into English.

The Municipalist Proposal is a guide both for municipalist candidacies, municipal government bodies or opposition parties, and for entities, groups or groups of people who want to promote energy sovereignty. The Municipalist Proposal 2019, PM19, complements and expands the one we, as Xse, prepared in 2015, which you can consult here. There you can also find inspiring proposals that we continue to defend!

This document has been elaborated by compiling both Xse own proposals and experiences and those of social movements and entities such as the Aliança contra la pobresa energètica, Somos Movilidad or Som Energia.

The thematic areas presented are: energy poverty, participation, ecofeminism, generation, distribution, commercialization, data ownership and mobility. The proposals focus on the reconfiguration of the electricity system because we consider that, even in the essential scenario of decreasing energy consumption, the relative weight of electricity will increase as a consequence of the depletion of fossil fuels and the necessary actions to combat climate change. The electrification of mobility, the most fossil-dependent sector of human activity today, is an inevitable process.

We hope that this proposal will be a real advocacy tool: debate it, discuss it, share it, promote it, remedy it, give us feedback, etc.

This proposal does not claim to be the end of anything. The spirit of Xse is precisely this: to open debates, politicize the energy discourse, deepen and promote actions that help us move towards a new distributed, renewable, democratic, fair and ecofeminist energy model.


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